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Star Trek: TNG 3.1 - Evolution

Review 132 - Episode 128 (25th Sept 1989)

The One with the Nanites

So, finally, here is Season 3. When I first thought about doing this Blog, I was going to start here as this feels like my TNG. It's almost a reboot of the series.

The stupid uniforms have gone to be replaced with smart collars that actually look like they could be real uniforms. There is an altered beginning and Beverly's back! For the first time, we have a stable Cast and look to the show. Add in some lovely new effect shots and actors who are comfortable with there roles and you have a great base to build on.

Couple of admin things to note as well. I'll probably only review one episode a week from now on, maybe two. I find that if I watch four in a row, then go to review them a week later I can barely remember any details. So the reviews will be longer, but less frequent (I say that now, but if I get a run going I'll probably do more in a week). I'm also going to add links to existing Trek Reviewers I used to read way back when. For TNG, it's got to be Tim Lynch, arguably the first Internet reviewer of note. I don't always agree with him, but he's worth a read and I'll add more as we go through the different seasons. Troi Cleavage Fans can rejoice as Deanna starts to wear a blue dress number this Season. I'll also add a couple of screen caps of other hotties as appropriate. It's rather nerdy, but it brightens up the Blog and makes a bad episode worth watching (and just because we're in Season 3, doesn't mean there's no bad episodes coming up. Nooooo, it certainly does not)

Anyway, this episode is basically a Wesley episode and I normally can't be doing with these. But Wil Wheaton is older now and not as whiny, so it's actually very watchable. He does still have his super smarts and and has accidentaly created a new race by accident as a school project. This would be annoying, but it actually ties in to the main plot, that being Dr Stubs is planning an experiment and has been a boy wonder like Wes. This is the man Wes could turn out like and has been in his shoes.

Beverly returns this episode and although there's no song and dance, she has missed her son and her conversation with Picard is excellent (and Guinan as well). The fact is, you would feel smothered by your mom on board a ship and it raises these questions excellently. Her scene with Wes when he turns on her for abandoning her is full of subtext and good acting on both parts.

Troi also has a big part this episode and confronts Stubs head on. It's a shame the director chose to film it in the back ground as we can't see anything, but there you go. Also, Her and Guinan co-exist in the same episode! Eureka! I think the key is Troi deals with Guest stars and Guinan the crew. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Data has some nice scenes being the Nanites voice, but it's all very quick the way they create this conduit ib his brain. It could almost be an episode in it's self. Geordi has a few scenes that are mostly technobabble and Worf and Riker are sidelined for the most part.
This is a decent episode, but I could have lived without the baseball stuff - it really makes Trek seem so USA (which it is, but come on, make an effort). Really nice effects as well.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 382/655

Troi/Crusher Appreciation Society

Basically, this will be whatever screen caps I think are decent of these two TNG babes from the episode that will appear here from now on. Nuff said!

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