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Star Trek: TNG 1.20 - Heart of Glory

Review 104 - Episode 100 (Mar 21st 1988)

The One with the angry Klingon's

I make this the 100th hour of Trek produced, but since no other sites talk about it, I'll keep my head down as I could very well have my sums wrong.

This is the first Worf episode and expands on the Klingon culture already seen in the Movies. It's a very watchable episode and finally gives Worf a chance to shine and not just be dead pan one liner guy. There would be MANY episodes after this dealing with Klingon rituals and Worf's place in their society, but this plants the seeds. It quite a simple premise. 3 Klingons don't agree with the peace process and want to rip it up and be pirates again. They try to enlist Worf's help.

Worfs interactions with the Klingon's is fascinating to watch as is the crews reactions, more akin to Kirks day than present day. Also of interest was Geordi's Visor on the view screen. Now, this was a bit of a let down and the visuals don't live up to it, looking like a poorly tuned in TV. But Picards reaction to it is brilliant and makes the scene worthwhile, even if Geordi is simply explaining how it works. Of course, It's never seen again. But nice idea.

Anyway, nice Worf episode and really establishes him as a decent character.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 296/525

Star Trek: TNG 1.19 - Coming of Age

Review 103 - Episode 99 (Mar 14th 1988)

The One where Wesley fails (Yay!)

Wow. Watched this over a week ago, so struggling on the details. Good episode, 2 very separate strands.

Wesley sits the starfleet exam which is a torturous affair with various tests and surprises. It's way OTT and I think is toned down in later series or never referred to. It's interesting and Wesley comes across well, especially with his talk with Picard about failing.

The other plot is Picard being investigated and sets up the first real bit of continuity as this leads into the almost Season finale. There lots of nice moments of references to past episodes and Remmick is excellent, especially his one on one interviews.

The shuttlecraft scene is good and overall this is a very watchable episode that lays the foundation for future story's and more importantly, show's Trek can do story arcs.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 293/520

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.18 - Home Soil

Review 102 - Episode 98 (Feb 22nd 1988)

The One with the microbrain

Good trekkian values episode this. Terraformers are attempting to change a planet, but there may be an unknown lifeform there already.

The mystery of the faulty laser is well done, but Kurt Mandl must be the hammiest actor I have seen on TV. He's so OTT and stage actorly that his scenes become pure unintentional comedy. Which is a shame as he's the one hiding the secret of the lifeforms who start to attack the ship.

I don't really have a lot to say about this episode, but it preaches the message of tolerating others and respecting all life and does it in an enjoyable enough way.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 289/515

Troi Clevage Watch:

Monday, 15 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.17 - When the Bough Breaks

Review 101 - Episode 97 (Feb 15th 1988)

The One where the kids are kidnapped

Creeeeepy episode this. No matter when it was shown, seeing children led away by old guys is squirmy and weird, despite their Best intentions. And really, that totally torpedoes this episode. Because beyond that, there is quite a good dilemma of how does Picard get them back.

Picard is good in the negotiation (though the end scene was a bit much with the wee girl), Wesley's acting is VERY suspect (especially after he's just been scanned!), Beverly seems remarkably calm all things considering, and the rest just make up the numbers.

I liked the solutions available, Data trying to work out the codes and Geordi working out the shield and the whole concept of acknowledging there are familys onboard. Young harry who benefited from the time on the planet was a nice touch as some kids did learn and the final scenes with the power source are excellent sets and visuals - almost throwaway at the end as they could have done for a BIG threat they are so impressive.

But, kids being kidnapped is icky these days and I didn't like it because of that.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 286/510

Star Trek: TNG 1.16 - Too Short a Season

Review 100 - Episode 96 (Feb 8th 1988)

The One where the old boy gets younger.

I've just watched 3 episodes on the bounce and it's late and I've had a few wines, so this will be brief and to the point. 100 reviews eh? (technically as I write this there's still 16 odd TOS reviews to do, but in the future they'll be complete) Well done me!

However this is shite, the worst TNG I've seen so far. You know why? 2 reasons. No.1 - The whole episode is based on Admiral Jameson and his story of redemption. The main crew barely interact with him bar Picard. This falls into the school boy error episode of having everyone react around him instead of having the crew react to him. Reason no 2 - the actor is way over the top with his old age routine. What's with all the gurning and licking the lips? Even without the heavy makeup, it's still dire. Whats funny is as he gets younger (you're not getting a plot description this episode btw) his mullet gets bigger and his sweaty final scene is OTT.

The final 10 minutes of Karnas not believing the young man is Jameson goes on far too long- we know it's him, the Enterprise crew know it's fucking him, move on.

There's an interesting idea of breaking the prime directive and this almost being a borderline James T kirk having to face the seeds he's sown, but it's never developed and overall this episode is crap.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 284/505

Troi Cleavage watch:

I've included an interesting shot where I think the computer screen is deliberately placed so we listen to what Troi's saying. See if you can spot it:

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.15 - 11001001

Review 99 - Episode 95 (Feb 1st 1988)

The One where the Enterprise is nicked

Wahey! The first TNG episode I can recommend. In a nutshell, the Enterprise is stolen by a race called the Bynar - unfortunately, Picard and Riker are still onboard.

So, the opening 20 minutes are brilliant. The Enterprise docking with the space station is amazing effects and nice use of the effects from Star Trek 3. There's a real feel of size and grandeur when it comes in. I liked Riker wandering the ship, seeing Tasha and Worf (his oneliners are dynamite), Beverly rushing of the ship, Data and Geordi (who even this early on you think of as best friends) painting and Wesley acting normal and likeable. Rikers scenes with Picard are excellent and there's real chemistry between them, an honest respectful friendship. Troi is AWOL this episode, probably because Rikers love interest might conflict.

The holodeck scenes let this episode down slightly. They're still good and the Jazz club is an interesting location, but Minuet simply isn't as enthralling as the script and Rikers reaction suggest she should be. Picard and Riker practically fawn over her and I was left wondering how this 80's chick had become a sex goddess in their eyes.

The evacuation scene is well done and Riker and Picard retaking the ship is good. The basic plot, of the Bynar's storing all their info on the ships computer and transferring it to their home planet is a bit weak and doesn't quite add up when you think about it - surely there has to be easier ways to move the info than steal the Federations flag ship and their end game of keeping Riker and Picard on the ship was daft.

But overall this is very watchable, everybody seems real for the first time, and it's reminiscent of the movies, which is good.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 283/500

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.14 - Angel One

Review 98 - Episode 94 (Jan 25 1988)

The One where men and woman's roles are reversed

Mens nipples and hairy chests. When will TNG learn that watching men in tight PJ's and half naked will always ruin an episode, no matter how worthy the subject matter is. The A plot is about a planet where women rule and men are subservient. In comes Riker to show them what a real man is and seduce the leader in true Kirk fashion. It's a lot of nonsense, the role reversal idea taken to extremes and the outfits (while not as bad as Justice) mean you can't take it seriously. The Prime directive is raised again here and again they simply throw it out the window, though they're saved when a better solution presents itself.

The B plot has a virus onboard the Enterprise and mention of Romulans. Everyone is calling in sick and Geordi has to take the Captains chair in a nice scene (and nice dialogue between him and Worf). Bev and Picard have a nice scene as wel as she cares for him. Riker also comes good here, with his closing speech being worthy of Picard and this is the Riker we know and love. Troi and Tashsa have decent scenes and come across realistic when they laugh at Riker n his outfit.

Troi Cleveage Watch is back again. Too many to mention, but here's a bone for Troi fans:

So, pretty bad episode, but the B story and the themes just about scrape it through.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 279/495

Friday, 12 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.13 - Datalore

Review 97 - Episode 93 (Jan 18 1988)

The One with Data's Evil brother

Yet another TNG staple in Lore, Data's twin brother.

This is the Brent Spiner show as he successfully acts Lore as a completely different charcter. Finding out backstory on Data is also fascinating as is the concept of him having a double. The trouble is that this concept alone wasn't enough for the writers, so they introduced this Crystalline entity that sucks life out of everything. Lore is helping it and for some reason the entity talks to him. It's unnecessary, though it does look like quite cool.

Wesley once again saves the day by noticing Data is a bit odd (because Lore has knocked him out by this point), but the bridge crew are so aggressive towards him that it comes across as strange (and makes them look foolish as he is acting weird)

The final scenes of Data, Wes and Bev fighting Lore without anyone helping them is stupid as is the entity suddenly rocketing off when Lore is transported out into space (while the shields are up no less).

It's a shame, as there is an interesting idea here about Data's past and identity and some good scenes with Picard in particular. But the 2nd half is weak and Wesley saving the day again is beyond tiresome already.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 277/490

Star Trek: TNG 1.12 - The Big Goodbye

Review 96 - Episode 92 (Jan 11 1988)

The One with the Holodeck malfunction (no.1)

This is the problem of watching 4 episodes on the bounce. They all meld into each other and I struggle to separate the threads. Anyway, this is the first Holodeck episode and it's easy to forget what a cool idea it is. We see it so many times, that the novelty wears off, but here, it's fresh and new and Picards reaction to it and his performance in the ready room are excellent at conveying it.

Hi scenes with Beverley in the holodeck are also some of her best and it amazes me they poured ice on there relationship years later. Rather than give Picard a random love interest every film, they should have built on this.

There's a malfunction (of course, but who would know it would become a Trek cliche after this) and unfortunately Wes is sent to try and fix it while Geordi watches on impotently. Data is a bit too much for me in this episode with his comedy accents. The B plot, involving Picard trying to say a greeting to an alien insect race is interesting enough, but doesn't give the rest of the bridge crew much to do.

The actual Dixon Hill scenes are all well produced and the actors look like they're having fun. The only problem is that I know there are better holo episodes than this to come and I wouldn't really watch this again, but quite good.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 274/485

Troi Cleveage watch:

Not too distracting this week:

Star Trek: TNG 1.11 - Haven

Review 95 - Episode 91 (Nov 30 1987)

The One where Troi's getting hitched

This was the first appearance of Troi's mother, Lwaxana Troi, played by Majel Barrett who completed an unusual hat trick here by playing 3 different characters over TOS and now TNG. She would go onto be a regular yearly event, much like Q and my memories of her are being bored and irritated. She's actually not bad here, but she is in a more supporting role.

The big story is Deanna is in a prearranged marriage to Wyatt, a doctor with a dodgy 80's Kevin Bacon hairdo. It's still 10 times better than Tasha's barnet though. He's been in mental contact with a blonde chick who looks like she walked of a rock video and has sketched drawings of her and he'd assumed it was Troi. This is never explained satisfactorily, the answer being that he has a psychic power that all humans have apparently that can cross light years. News to me.

It turns out she's on a plague ship (ohh, bad choice), but he's not fussed and beams over first chance he gets. He comes across as quite insipid and far from being a doctor planning on curing an ancient disease, he looks more like a wilting poet or artist.

Picard and Data are played for laughs when interacting with the parents and come across quite funny. Riker is a petulant school boy who seems to be allowed to shag his way across the galaxy, but when Troi trys it, he takes a hissy fit. There's lots of wincing and storming out doors from him and it's not his golden hour. Deanna is smiling in this episode and comes across as less cold and alien. She also doesn't have the cleavage out (sorry TCW fans) and this is because the episode was produced earlier in the season. So, really, the producers suddenly seemed to decide that the answer to Troi's character was a low cut top? What about decent characterisation? Tasha is bearable (apart from that hair style - imagine she had that the whole series. It makes me laugh that she's still in uniform, but gets her hair done up) Worf and Wesley are awol and Geordi and Bev are just hanging about.

It's an okay watch, especially as in theory it deepens the Troi/Riker relationship, but it doesn't come across on screen and only the comedy moments make it worthwhile.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 271/480

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.10 - Hide and Q

Review 94 - Episode 90 (Nov 23 1987)

The One where Riker becomes a Q

Q's back and the 1st half of the episode is bad low budget TOS alien planet set fare with the crew being forced to fight aliens dressed as french legionaries.

However the 2nd half is better when Riker gets the Q powers and starts to change, be more disrespectful and tries to grant wishes.

The scenes between Picard and Q are excellent, 2 fine actors trading verbal blows with each other. Picard comes of better as Q's character was still being developed, but they're much more enjoyable than I remember. His scenes with Riker fall flat slightly though.

Riker is given a chance to shine here and Frakes isn't bad, but he doesn't command a room like Picard or Data. His basic likability goes a long way, but he'll be better in later years. Tasha is still very annoying and prone to extreme emotions, though I did like Picard consoling her bubbling. Worf is quite action packed in this episode, but his scene with the Klingon woman was strange as he looked ashamed of Klingon mating rituals (good old Geordi pipes up when there's sex and shame involved) which is interesting as I didn't really know how domesticated he was. When you think about it, Troi and then Dax are his two love interests. Geordi has a decent scene with his sight back and Data refusing his is also good. Wesley becoming a man wearing that stupid jumper is embarrassing (note Geordi commenting on how good he looks - I think I see why he's afraid of women) and Beverly doesn't even get the option of a gift.

It's a good episode for the regulars (except Troi who's AWOL, presumably because she'd help Riker with his Godhood) and a good Trekkian concept of the consequences of having unlimited power and good deeds going bad. Whoever cast John de Lancie as Q deserves a medal as without him, the character could get old fast, but he makes him funny, powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. I also like Picards throw away comment to Riker at the end.

Not bad all in.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 269/475

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.9 - The Battle

Review 93 - Episode 89 (Nov 16 1987)

The One with Picards old Ship
Quite good this episode, though it's another Patrick Stewart tour de force, leaving most of the crew in his wake (bar Spiner).
The Ferengi are back and brought Picard a gift - his old starship. What's the catch?
The effects on the Stargazer and the design of it are excellent and well done. The battle scarred bridge and the ghosts of the old crew are also well realised and kudos should go for making the scenes exciting, especially "The Picard Manoeuvre". I like that Picards got this named after him, as it gives his character more of a past and experience and that Jimmy Kirk "I don't like to lose" attitude.
Picards gradual descent from headaches into full on visions is excellently acted by Stewart. His scenes with Beverly are slightly embarrassing by how good he is and how wooden she is, but she picks up later in the episode and there's some of that old chemistry back.
The Ferengi are slightly toned down from this first appearance, which is good and daimon Boks plan is a bit over the top, but is just about believable.
Riker does a lot of wincing at the screen as he trys to work out what is going on, Worf, Tasha and Geordi are all relegated to button pressing and Wesley is at his worst here. He not only saves the day (well, gives Troi and Bev the answers) but is really smug and slightly creepy as he stares at them as they walk out followed by his "Adults" statement. I feel bad for him, he was never going to win with dialogue and scenes like this.
It's great to see Picards backstory as he's the most interesting of the TNG so far and if it wasn't for the rest of the cast being below par here or given more to do, it would score higher.
I unfortunately have to mention Troi Cleavage Watch, cos they're there again, distracting me. To Wit:

I'll get bored of this in a week, honest, but it makes me laugh at the moment. So, decent episode with a nice Picard backstory and effects, but the rest if the crew have nothing to do and their acting is suspect

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 266/470

Star Trek: TNG 1.8 - Justice

Review 92 - Episode 88

The One that's a bit like soft-porn

Men in nappys. Never a good start. But behind the worst costumes ever, these is a good debate about the prime directive. If you can get by the hairy chests and mens nipples. Thank Christ the Enterprise crew didn't have to wear them.

An away team including Wesley beams down to a paradise planet. Unfortunately, they have the death penalty for every crime, including Wes falling in a flower bed. Should Picard interfere and will the God like machine above the planet let them?

Bad stuff first. The costumes and aliens are fucking awful, surely one of the most embarrassing outfits ever in TV, not just Trek. Also the soft core hedonism, people shagging in bushes, guys being oiled up and sleazy Riker loving it. Ah, it's too creepy. Also the running everywhere is ridiculous and Troi is not cut out for it. To many males nipples on show I'm afraid.

Wes is also quite annoying and unbelievable here, with his moronic enthusiasm for such a stupid game. However once the death penalty is about to be applied it gets interesting., though how they missed that on reviewing the laws is a joke.

Picard and Data have some excellent scenes, debating the God like machine that hangs above the planet. The design of it is also well done and the effects are excellent. Troi, Geordi and Worf are all underused in this episode (though Worf gets a couple of nice one liners and it's interesting Geordi is nowhere near the planets surface. Geordi and sex don't mix). Tasha is really annoying and she seems to have shagged some guy on the initial away mission! Beverley's acting is a little ropey as well and her emotional scenes to Picard don't quite work to be honest.

The final scenes of debating the prime directive V. the death penalty are interesting, but the conclusion is hardly satisfactory. Picard effectively says we interpret the directive as we see fit and then somehow convinces the God being to let them beam up in a rather lame speech.

There's always going to be debate about the death penalty, but having it on an episode with men in nappys was never going to work.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 263/465

Star Trek: TNG 1.7 - Lonely Among Us

Review 91 - Episode 87

The One with Giant Cloud
D.C. Fontana, what has happened? from being the best writer on TOS, she has been struggling with TNG in these early episodes, being credited with episodes that are poor at best. Where's the natural funny dialogue, the good twists? To be fair, this feels like a VERY early episode, so you have to give a bit of slack. but I don't think she got a chance at later episodes to shine.
Anyway, the Enterprise is transporting two races who hate each other to a peace meeting when they brush against a cloud and accidentaly take possession of an electrical being who starts to possess crew members and jump from person to person.
The Delegates sub plot is largely ignored, which is a shame given how extensive the makeup is. They seemed to be largely used as humour and were never taken seriously.
The effects of the Cloud are very impressive (I've always liked these nebula since Wrath of Khan) and the electricity bolts are okay for 80's TV.
The Cast are all over the shop here however. Beverly being possessed comes across as stoned and Picard isn't much better. I think Stewart made the best of it, but he just comes across as goofy and weird. Riker is in black and white mode, either smiling away, or barking out orders and looking raging. Wes and his wacky jumpers comes across as a whiner again and unfortunately was about to solve the problem until he had to go school. Worf has a nice scene with Geordi at the start about taking extra responsibility's, but the pair of them and Tasha are ignored for most of the episode. Tasha has some dodgy acting scenes as well, especially with the final shot of her standing with her mouth open for ages. Data is still being played for laughs and the Sherlock Holmes angle starts here. Spiner actually just about pulls this off, but I did groan when I seen him smoking the pipe.
This next section is extremely juvenile so feel free to skip it if you wish, but I have to address this. Deanna Troi's Cleavage makes it first appearance here and once you notice it, the episode kind of derails as I started wonder if the Director was aware of it and started adjusting his shots. It will make many more appearances over the next few years and probably saved many a dull episode, including this one. The trouble is, it distracts from potentially important scenes. Here are some examples in a new feature i'm calling Troi Cleavage Watch (for scientific purposes of course!):

Notice the Cute reference to TOS in the background? Me neither.

Notice Geordi in the background? Me neither.

Whats Troi saying? Who knows
Is Troi making an important point here? Who knows.

And finally, the Director may have noticed there were too many cleavage shots of Troi, so wisely tipped the camera slightly upwards so teenage boys across the globe back in the 80's and grown men who should know better in 2008 could focus on the plot (which isn't really worth it)

Right, I think I've ran that joke into the ground, So, too many meetings , dodgy acting and a plot idea stretched out over 45 minutes mean this is a loser. Nice cloud and cleavage save the day slightly

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 261/460

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.6 - Where No One Has Gone Before

Review 90 - Episode 86

The One where they go very far away

Ach, I thought this was going to be the first 4 rating of the Series, but the 2nd half really lets it down.

Kosinski and his assistant arrive to upgrade the Enterprises Warp engines. However they end up propelling the ship over 2 million years away.

The good stuff: The idea is brilliant and I really like the effects in this episode. Kosinski is a really sleazy irritating pompous character and is brilliantly played. It's when the Enterprise tries to get back and goes to a dimension where thoughts become real that it falls a bit flat as we see fantasy's and thoughts become real. Funniest moment in the episode; Worf's old pet Targ appears on the Bridge. Why he's thinking of it we don't know and even funnier why does no one else on the bridge bar Tasha see it? There's a guy just sitting typing away while a slavering blood beast is next to him. To be fair, some of the visions are seen, some aren't, but it made me laugh.

Picard is quite gruff in this episode, especially to Wesley. In fact, Riker comes across as not liking the wee brat either! Wes is okay, though he does kind of save the ship (again by helping the Traveler phase, something which will be readdressed in Season 7. What's with the jumpers though?

Tasha has a flashback to her days getting chased by rape-gangs (quite dark for early TNG), and the rest of the crew are largely ignored, though Picard has a nice scene with his Mama. Wes being promoted to acting ensign is a nice touch of continuity, but really I was expecting more from this episode.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 259/455

Star Trek: TNG 1.5 - The Last Outpost

Review 89 - Episode 85

The One with the Ferengi

The first appearance of the Ferengi, supposed to be a new enemy like the Klingons or Romulans. Sh'yea, right. Surely the makeup suggests comical pains in the arse rather than world conquerors?

Anyway, they've nicked a Star fleet macguffin and the Enterprise is chasing them when they both end up captured by a planets ancient defence system and have their power drained.

The basic concept isn't bad, but some of the characters are WAY off. Riker is really poor here, coming across as angry and raging, snapping at shipmates and it looks like he hates Data! Geordi is possibly the only person in Star Trek who has ever said "Woo Hoo!" and his over enthusiastic scene made me laugh. Yar and Worf keep canceling each other out and If Crosby hadn't left, I'd probably have to shunt her as she's stealing Worf's scenes. Beverly is underused also and Troi is still weird and miserable looking.

The scene with Data explaining about the outpost and the holodisplay was good though, and the Chinese finger puzzle made me smile. Picard's interaction with his officers and the crisis in general is also very watchable.

The final act on the planet is terrible though, with the Ferengi looking like chimps and very dull scenes with the Portal.

Nice idea, but ropey characters and execution.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 256/450

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.4 - Code of Honor

Review 88 - Episode 84

The One where Tasha fights in a cage.

Not one of the best this, but certainly watchable enough.

The Enterprise requires a vaccine that cannot be replicated from Ligon and their leader Lutan. The catch is that Lutan has kidnapped Tasha as his wife and forced her to combat his current wife to the death or no Vaccine.

The culture of the planet has been described as slightly racist and it makes for uncomfortable viewing sometimes when you see Data describing this ancient African Indian culture of the planet and it's barbaric ways and everyone is black. There wasn't even an attempt to make them alien looking.

The dialogue is ropey as well within the regulars. Beverly's exchange with Picard about needing the vaccine was corny and Troi tricking Tasha into admitting she fancies Lutan (why exactly?) comes across like bad soap opera, though that is partially Crosbys acting.

Picard is decent here, trying to work his way round the prime directive, but his drink with Lutan and his supposedly sly trick was a bit cringy the way it was played. I did like the continuity with Wesley, who isn't that annoying here but has strange woolly jumpers.

Tasha is a bit OTT with examining the vaccine and beyond being a fighter, there's not much depth to her character here. Also Worf is missing, and once again, I feel these two wouldn't work together on screen.

Geordi and Data have a nice scene when he's shaving and Data's telling jokes. Troi is really cold in this episode, obviously as the character is still finding her feet.

Dodgy effects, script and story means that only the good will generated by the regulars pull this trough.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 254/445

  • Review of the episode by actor Wil Wheaton — Code of Honor
  • Monday, 1 September 2008

    Star Trek: TNG 1.3 - The Naked Now

    Review 87 - Episode 83

    The One where they all act drunk.

    This episode is slightly notorious for being so daft and goofy in places, which it certainly is, but it has a charm and a decent story at it's core.

    The Enterprise encounters a ship with a slightly more evolved Virus of the one Kirk and crew faced in The Naked Time. There's a lovely nod to TOS as Data looks up the info with a diagram of the Enterprise (A?) flashing up and Riker and Picard talk about the old mission.

    What follows is the crew gradually getting infected and acting in drunk and horny ways. Poor Geordi is the fall guy who contracts it and is miserable about being blind. Even in these early days, the writers don't want to sexualise him in anyway. Tasha and Data have notable scenes as they do the do (who'd have thought these two would be the first crew to shag each other?)

    Picard and Beverley is really goofy and played totally for laughs, which is sometimes cringy as well. Wes is really annoying and his weird invention of recording Picards voice is stupid and creepy, not to mention illegal I assume. He than has the cheek to save the day as the end while everyone else looks stupid.

    Riker and Troi is a scene you would expect but never happens. Troi's barely in the episode to be honest. And though Riker is infected you wouldn't know it. Only Worf is unaffected and has some great deadpan one liners.

    The end scene of Data putting the chips back in place and blowing up the science vessel gives the episode a decent ending, but this sort of TOS story has come far too soon as the actors don't know their characters yet, so having them behave drunk is a bit daft.

    Better than I remember though.

    Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 252/440

  • Wil Wheaton's review of "The Naked Now"