Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hello and welcome to Star Trek Reviews.

This Blog is my Project to watch every Star Trek episode and review them in order starting with TOS, then TNG, DS9, VOY and finally ENT, with some film reviews thrown in when appropriate. It's a strange hobby, being a Trek marathon Blogger. I've kept an eye out for other bloggers doing the same thing and found a couple, which I've added to the links database. One of them is on Voyager season 4 and the other is just wrapping up TOS and is going to be on TNG soon. Why do we do it? Bad TV at the moment, a love of Star Trek and a journal of our journeys watching these 700 plus episodes. I don't even know if I'll make the finish line or if they will either or when it will happen, but it should be a good journey. Goodness what i'll do at the end, but that's a long way off. If you come across any others, let me know and i'll add them in.

Ratings will be out of 5.

I hope you enjoy this journey and feel free to disagree or leave comments. Reviews will vary in length depending on how interesting an episode is.

One final thing I wanted to say was the TOS reviews will be in production order. It's ridiculous that the DVD's are in TV order and I won't be watching them like that.

Okay, on with the show!

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Siskoid said...

Good luck with it!

Why do we do it? Well, for me it's a matter of posting content every day. 730 instalments (or what I call the 2-year mission) allows me that.

Plus the rest of the geekcrap I like to talk about. Trek used to be much more of an obsession (I'd say largely due to the Nitpickers Guides and the STCCG), but it's still a nice project.

I'm at the point (7½ seasons to go in total) where people start asking what I'm doing next (ST comics and novels? some other series like Babylon 5?).

Here's to your getting there. I'm glad to catch you at day 37... not as muh of a backlog. I'll start reading!