Monday, 12 May 2008

Star Trek: TOS 1.7 - The Naked Time

Review #6

The One where the Crew go OTT

Another fun episode this. A virus gets onboard the Enterprise and drives everyone slightly crazy.

I'll get the one scene out the way that really annoyed me and me laugh involuntarily. The way the virus gets on board. Crewman Joe has a really itchy nose, even though he's in a hot zone. So why not take of your glove and have a good rub. Then, for no reason at all, start feeling bits if the virus infested table until you catch something nasty. Good thinking Joe. Joe dies, which is probably for the best. Made me laugh though.

Anyway, the main cast get some great scenes here. Sulu probably has the most fun, dashing down the corridors with his sword. Kirk has a great funny line when Riley takes control of the ship, but goes into full shatner mode once he contracts it. It probably doesn't help that it comes just after Spock has delivered a tour de force in his tortured soul after being infected by Chapel (factoid - only time the 3 TOS women, uhura, Rand and Chapel appear on TV) and she tells him she loves him. He then goes into the conference room and cry's and rants as he trys to keep his logical side in control. Could have been a disaster, but Spock has a quiet dignity whilst he breaks down and tries to get control back.

Uhura has a nice scene with Kirk and Scotty does...Scotty. I'd miss him if he wasn't there, fixing the engines.

It drags slightly in the 2nd half as we continue to plummet to the plant below and the ending made me laugh - they invent time travel matter of factly in the last 3 minutes. Spock at least mentions it opens a can of worms, but it's not really featured heavily again beyond a couple of ep's and Star trek 4.

Good episode, but they really would be tighter if they ran 30 mins.


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