Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Star Trek: TNG 3.7 - The Enemy

Review 138 - Episode 134 (6th Nov 1989)

The One where Worf finally becomes a Klingon

*yawn* getting tired here. Lets rattle through the next 2. This is quite good, a bit like "Enemy Mine", where two opposing soldiers end up trapped on a planet and become good mates. Galactica did an episode as well. So that's a good thread, as Geordi and a Romulan are trapped and need to be rescued.

What's more interesting is that they've rescued a Romulan, but he's needs certain Cells or something, blah de blah, and the only man onboard the ship is Worf and he fucking hates Romulans. So, the Rom is dying and you thing Worf is going to cave in and "do the right thing". But no, he sticks to his Klingon values and effectively tells everyone, "Fuck right off!" and the Ron dies!. It helps the dying Romulan is a total arsehole, but still, it's a bold move and was the first sign that this series can trick you and will do risky things.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 400/685

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