Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Star Trek: TNG 3.8 - The Price

Review 139 - Episode 135 (13th Nov 1989)

The One with the dodgy wormhole

There's a stable wormhole and everyone wants to bid on it.

Troi has a rekindled love affair with a sleazy betazoid bidder, two ferengi are trapped on the other side of the wormhole when it becomes unstable and reappear in Voyager years later (in a very cute continuity moment) and Riker tries his best to win the bid. And Troi and Bev do gymnastics for no apparent reason in very unflattering leotards.

Not bad.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 403/690

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mandy said...

this episode was on today. i remember seeing it as a kid and being confused about the weirdo leotards troi and crusher have on. now, years later as an adult, i am still confused. they both look like they are on backward, and who wears a turtleneck while working out?

Anonymous said...

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