Monday, 2 June 2008

Star Trek: TOS 1.22 - The Return of the Archons

Review 21 - Episode 22

The One where people on a planet are very reserved except for festival time when they go flipping crazy.

Interesting idea this - a very reserved civilisation that are brainwashed and there is no crime or hatred, but go absolutely crazy and rape and pillage during festival time.

It's a hell of a concept and only really works because everyone is mentally drugged. A supercomputer is controlling everybody (the planet?), but there are a lot of holes. The opening with Sulu is quite unusual and refreshing for Trek as we are dropped right in it. This is also the first of many episodes where Kirk violates the prime directive when he destroys the computer.

It's a good episode, with an interesting concept, but there isn't really a lot to say about it. The festival concept isn't explained further from why they do it to how often it happens. I get the feeling there is a lot more backstory to this somewhere.


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