Sunday, 29 June 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.16 - A Private Little War

Review 44 - Episode 45

The One that's a bit like the Vietnam war

This is an episode that I wasn't really liking for the first third, then it started asking some good questions and by the end I really enjoyed it.

The big question here is how go you put the genie back in the bottle? The Klingon's have been arming hill people with guns while the peaceful tribe kirk stayed with are still using bows and arrows and are going to be wiped out. Kirks solution is to arm the tribes and hopefully prevent a war once both sides realise they're equally matched. Bones thinks they'll simply end up wiping each other out. There is no easy answer here and I was impressed Trek was asking these questions.

Also thrown into the mix is Nona (Nancy Kovack) who saves Kirks life, but is also a Temptress and seduces men with her potions and beauty. In fact, Nona must be the most overt sexually provocative character ever to appear in Star Trek. The scene where she heals Kirk is the closest you'll ever get to a sex scene in Star Trek. Eyebrow raising stuff.

Spock is onboard healing after being shot and this B story is a nice departure as it is the first time Bones and Kirk have been together on an adventure. I'm not sure if they thought there was too many characters in the mix already on the planet, but it was a little odd to see him papped off. We have the usual Chapel unrequited love interest scene as well, which is a bit of a cliche even this early in the series. She just comes across so wishy washy all the time.

Odds and sods: I'm not sure why the Klingons are bothering to arm the Hill people? The albino gorilla suit with a horn on it's head doesn't quite work; 2nd episode in a row where the Prime directive has shown up and is a big issue (or not since Kirk violates it anyway)

Surprisingly good episode, and Kirks final line echoes "City on the edge of forever" for a sense of loss.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 133/220

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