Monday, 2 June 2008

Star Trek: TOS 1.27 - Errand of Mercy

Review 26 - Episode 27

The One that introduces the Klingons, sans forehead

Quite a historical episode this as the Klingons are introduced, led by Kor. Kor is an excellent character, in the Khan mould, but funnier and with more cheek. He's holds his own against Kirk in their debates which is no mean feat.

The Klingons and the Federation are at war and the planet Organia is an important foothold for both. However the Organians will not lift a finger to protect themselves, frustrating Kirk and disgusting Kor. Unfortunately for me, they turn out to be, one more time, "God like beings" who effectively end the war and save Kirk and Spocks bacon with their deus ex ending. *sigh* I can't even raise emotion to be angry at the story (my God, too much star trek I think - I'm becoming Spock!), but it was a disappointing end to the story. I did like the fact that it was predicted they would become allies in the future though.

Kirk comes across badly in the last act, being written to sound more alike to the Klingons than he really is and so he can have a shameful reflection when it's all finished. There was actually far to much of Kirk and Spock in this episode as the rest of the crew were largely awol. And while I'm moaning, i'm sick of every planet either having a castle like dungeon with torches on the wall or small town 60's America. I know it's just a product of it's time, but it doesn't age well. Rant over.

I guess I'm disappointed with this because I was expecting Balance of terror 2, but it's quite enjoyable and the seeds of (many) future storylines involving Klingons are planted here.


(editors note - can I just say I'm amazed that I seem to have posted 6 reviews in one day! 3 were written late sunday night mind you, but I wouldn't be expecting this again any time soon)

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