Thursday, 12 June 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.7 - Wolf in the Fold

Review 35 - Episode 36

The One with Jack the Ripper

Very silly and bizarre episode this and tor the first third I thought I was going to have to wade through it But then a strange thing happened in that I started enjoying it and by the end I was amused and satisfied, even If I still didn't know what was happening really.

The action all starts very weirdly with Kirk, Bones and Scotty on a planet of hedonists (which for the 60's meant belly dancers - ooooh, risque). Kirk then invites the belly dancer over for Scotty to pull and get a shag, while her ex fiance is sitting at a nearby table watching this. Scott heads off to shag her and Kirk suggests to Bones they go and visit a place with beautiful woman. Bones cuts him off and says he knows the place, lets go. They are clearly talking about a Lap dance bar and I finally realised that they were on a Lads night out in Newcastle. They're setting off when they hear a scream and Scottys bird is dead, stabbed to death, with Scotty holding the knife.

They try to solve this by beaming down a scientist technician who is of course a blonde hottie and she goes to examine Scotty in private where she is stabbed to death and Scotty looks guilty again. It's hilarious that the murder weapon is left out on a shelf effectively and a suspected murderer of women is allowed to wander about the house freely.

A seance (!) is then attempted by the prefects wife who is killed and again Scotty's looking a wee bit suspicious. They beam up to the Enterprise where it's revealed to be jack the Ripper possessing people, Sulu is high on drugs so he won't be scared, and It ends with kirk wanting to go back to the Lap dance bar, but everybody is stoned apart from Spock, who gets his signature "lets laugh at Spocks non emotional nature" and everybody leaves happy and laughing, including Kirk, who hasn't even had the drugs.

This is bizarre, very watchable rubbish and I can't believe I seen Kirk and crew out on a stag do on Star Trek. Fantastic. Catspaw was bad. This is good-bad.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 106/175

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