Friday, 6 June 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.2 - Metamorphosis

Review 30 - Episode 31

The One with Zefram Cochrane (v.1)

An episode that's interesting more from a historical point as Cochrane would appear in First Contact many years later as a quite different character.

The Trio and Nancy, a diplomat, are hijacked in their shuttle by a mysterious force and forced to land on a planet where they meet Cochrane and mysterious force known as the Companion who loves Cochrane.

Nancy's character is quite bad in this, whining for no apparent reason and screaming uncontrollably out of the blue. McCoy also doesn't come across very well and I've noticed that the writers tend to have him argue or be annoyed even if it's a clear situation where nothing can be done and it makes him look rather silly at times. This is also the 2nd episode in a row where Kirk, Bones and Spock are marooned on a planet whist the Enterprise looks for them.

Cochrane is incredibly bland and stiff in this episode which makes it quite funny as too the womanizing, drunken bum he apparently used to be. There is also a scene where he feels completely uncomfortable with the idea of the companion loving him that reminded me of someone who finds out a girl is a boy or some sort of sexual discovery. I'm probably reading to much into it, but i think the metaphors there.

It's also a bit of a cop out that Nancy is about to die and she has been saying how she never loved, when the companion merges with her. I'm sure if she was fit and healthy is would be a different situation entirely. Also of interest is the universal translator, the 1st time it's appeared in the star trek universe. Scotty and the rest of the gang are on the bridge doing there usual thing, but at least Scotty seems to be in charge now.

It's an okay episode, but nothing startling or special, and a bit boring in places.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 87/150

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