Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.19 - The Immunity Syndrome

Review 47 - Episode 48

The One with the giant space amoeba

Two episode in a row with a daft monster? A giant amoeba is threatening to destroy the galaxy.

This episode really works though. I think it's because we don't see the monster until half way through and even then it's so big, that it's more like a hostile environment than an actual sentient being trying to kill them.

It's actually very dark as we open on a system being wiped out and a ship being destroyed with 400 Vulcan's killed. Spocks reaction is interesting to say the least as he seems to have Force like powers to sense their loss. The black void idea is also good and reminds me of Where Silence Has Lease in TNG and the Motion picture when they are travelling inside something much bigger than them.

As always, excellent scenes with the Trio, but especially between McCoy and Spock, especially when they are trying to volunteer for the shuttle. Kyle fills in for Sulu this week and it's nice to see him popping up as to me he's really a part of the crew. I can just about forgive it it's blatant sexism at the very end as Kirk eyes up the yeoman at the end, but sometimes the series seems mature beyond it's years, then a 60's anachronism will pop up.

But this is very good and well worth watching.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 142/235

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