Saturday, 12 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.23 - Patterns of Force

Review 51 - Episode 52

The One with the Nazi's

Much like the Aliens with God like powers, the Planet of Romans/Gangsters/Children and now Nazi's has become a common theme in TOS.

It's a bit OTT for me this episode. A lot of the episode seems to be either a) the novelty of seeing Kirk and Spock dressed as Nazi's and B) people's reactions to Spocks ears. Nimoy always puts on this silly face when he gets rumbled that really start's to irk after the umpteenth reveal.

There's a nice B story about the prime directive being ignored, but I'm not sure what the main point of the episode is. Surely it can't simply be to let us know that Nazi's were bad? It's hard to really see any worth to the show beyond that. The ending is also rushed and everything seems wrapped up and the Nazi problem solved. Only Bones appears later in the episode and the regulars are sadly missed. I did like the 2 planets shot at the beginning. Nice change.

About as subtle as a Nazi invasion this story, with it's moral message.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 153/255

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