Thursday, 31 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 3.7 - Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Review 61 - Episode 62

The One where Spock goes mad.

Entertaining enough, and Nimoy can act different scenes so well that it saves a sometimes pedestrian episode.

An alien ambassador is on board who cannot be viewed or you go insane called a Medusan (geddit?) and lives in what looks like a box.

What follows is a 3 part mini series I like to call Spocks big adventure. In the 1st part he starts to bond with the Medusans carer, Dr Jones (Pulaski again!! - I had no idea she was so prevalent in Trek lore), talks about his IDIC medallion (which apparently was just a plug for merchandise, but is a nice idea) and faces a murderous love rival, a former designer of the Enterprise, Marvick.

Marvick goes insane and sends the Ship on a transdimensional trip where the only way home is Spock melding with the Medusan. This leads to warm human Spock laughing, etc which is still affecting and surprising even though they pull it out every 10 episodes.

Finally, he sees the ambassador without his visor and goes mental, but Dr Jones rescues his mind. It's a Spock tour de force this episode, but it doesn't quite click for me the way previous episodes have.

I think there's too many plot lines going on here. McCoy and Kirk have some nice lines, and the rest of the crew are just kind of THERE as always.

Not bad, but average.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 174/305

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