Thursday, 31 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 3.9 - The Tholian Web

Review 63 - Episode 64

The One where Kirk is a ghost

A good little episode this, but a couple of things really bug me. Bones is such a dick in this story, basically accusing Spock of wanting to lose Kirk to gain a command. It's so far over the line it's not even funny. The writers sometimes push McCoys irritability with Spock to the point that he looks an Idiot. The worst thing you could say is that Spock was too human in trying to save Jim, isn't that what Bones would want? If Spock just fucked off and left Kirk to die he'd be saying he was cold and logical. You can't win with this version of Bones and all the apologies in the world don't change the fact that he's an arsehole at times (like he was when Spock had the command in The Paradise syndrome)

Anyway, that's off my chest now. The idea is quite good, if never totally explained (at least, not until much later on Enterprise). The Defiant, the Enterprises sister ship, is phasing in and out of space. An away team (in nifty new space suits ) goes over and Kirk has to stay behind, when he is "phased " out of our space. The Tholians then arrive and start to destroy the enterprise with their nifty weapon, a laser web that spins in front of the ship. The crew are also going slightly mad.

There's lovely scenes for all the crew (barr Sulu who is ignored again), even Uhura getting a nice scene in her room. Kirk being avsent for most of it gave the crew room to breathe. And I liked the recording Kirk left for Spock and Bones and the ending. But McCoy ruins this episode for me and that's a pity as this is probably the only possible 5 rating episode of season 3. Shame

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 182/315

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