Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 3.2 - Elaan of Troyius

Review 56 - Episode 57

The One with the new Klingon Ships

Ah, so finally we get to see the Klingon ships from the movies that we all know and love. What a great design, it really stands the test of time. Having said that, I seen the flyby of the ship so many times in this episode that by the end I was sick of it.

That isn't even the main story here though. That belongs to Elaan, a Helen of Troy type figure who being escorted to be married. Her and Kirk argue, then fall in love and I suppose it's all watchable enough, but I wasn't really buying it. I was more interested in the Klingon ship to be honest. The lighting was really strange on the bridge as well, very dark and casting shadows. I can't help feeling their budget was away and they didn't have enough money to pay for lights.

The battle was a bit boring as well, using the same stock footage of the Klingon ship over and over again.

Not bad exactly and there are some nice scenes, but it fell flat for me overall.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 162/280

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