Saturday, 12 July 2008

Star Trek: TOS 2.22 - Return to Tomorrow

Review 50 - Episode 51

The One with glowing balls

Kirk, Spock and A.N.Other (Dr. Ann Mulhall (Diana Muldaur) - Holy shit - I've just realised she plays Pulaski in TNG season 2!! Bizarre!!) have their minds taken over willingly so the aliens can make android robots. Things go awry.

Quick one for this episode as it's a bit rubbish. Shatners acting is terrible here, from his impassioned speech as to why they should do it to his body being taken over by Sargon. Spocks quite good as the evil Hanoch, though if Spocks mind goes into Chapels body, where's Chapel's mind gone? Hmm. Sulu's back as well, which is nice though he's barely used, as always. Still good to have him back.

There's an interesting story here about quality of life vs ultimate temptation, but I hate God like being episodes and Shat's acting is all over the shop. Spock's worth a watch, as is McCoy's rational arguments against. But Kirk comes across as a bit of a dick here I'm afraid to say.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 151/250

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