Monday, 13 October 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.24 - We'll Always Have Paris

Review 108 - Episode 104 (May 2nd 1988)
The One with Picards old flame

I really liked the first third of this episode. Picard fencing, the unusual camera angles and the mystery of the time hiccup and Picards unease. His initial scene in the holodeck was excellent, very revealing. As this is TNG, there's no carry over from Skin of Evil, but Worf seems to have more lines than usual.

After that, it kind of fades. Picards ex bird isn't brilliant as a character, likable enough, but they really seem a missmatch. Having said that, her new husband, Dr Manheim, seems even more unlikely and their relationship rings false.

Data and Riker get the lions share of the action and Data fixing the time paradox is good. Of course, none of it really makes sense, but it's portrayed excitingly. There's a cute scene with Troi and Crusher, now the only two females in the main cast that is nice and kindof makes sense as Tasha's gone and they would bond. Maybe.

It's really a nonsense episode, but Picard is good and the early scenes almost sell it as a 4 rating. Only Picards ex really drags it down.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 310/545

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