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Star Trek: TNG 2.3 - Elementary, Dear Data

Review 113 - Episode 109 (Dec 5th 1988)

The One where the Holodeck malfunctions (no.2)

Actually, that's not fair. It's not so much that the Holodeck misfires as that it takes Geordis command to the ultimate end which in turn endangers the ship and crew.

Data and Geordi decide to play as Sherlock Holmes on the Holo deck, but when they realise that Data knows every Holmes story ever, they decide to get the computer to crate an adversary for Data, Moriarty, who becomes more than a holodeck creation.

Couple of things. Geordi is really surly in this episode, storming out the Holodeck without explaining why he's so miffed. Data also rushes off without saying anything. These are dramatic exits, but I don't think they are really in character. Also, Pulaski is so fucking annoying with her whole "Data isn't human" obsession. I mean, if she was indifferent to him, fair enough, but she follows hims and eavesdrop on his conversations. She's a stalker really. Sooner she leaves the better.

The whole concept of Moriarty becoming a real person is interesting and opens up a whole can of worms which is never really explored as the idea that every creation of the Holodeck could ultimately be sentient eventually and you have a situation where they are creating life instead of amusement. Moriarty would come back in a few seasons in a cracker, but here he simply allows Picard to win.

I've never really been a big fan of Holodeck episodes. It seems to be whichever genre that writer is interested in can get crowbarred into the series by setting it in the Holodeck. And the Holodeck is still incredibly unsafe. I can't believe people really use it and the fatality rate must be through the roof all over starfleet. But I like Data and Geordi's friendship blossoming and the change of scene is good for the show and actors.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 325/570

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