Friday, 17 October 2008

Star Trek: TNG 2.2 - Where Silence Has Lease

Review 112 - Episode 108 (Nov 28th 1988)

The One with the black cloud in Space

Very similar to a TOS episode whose name escapes me, this has the crew enter a hole in space where they are put into stressful fear situations and ultimately told that half of them will die by a creature known as Nagilum.

Lets get the bad bit's out the way. Pulaski's constant referral to Data as a limited android is beyond boring and annoying and this is only her 2nd episode. We get it, she's old school and has strange prejudices towards certain technology (like McCoy and transporters), but she's coming across as stupid here. I remember now why I dislike her so. There's also not much happening in this episode, with the Romulan ship appearing, then the Yamato, which I've always liked as a cool concept of a sister ship (before Galaxy class ships were 10 a penny). Riker and Worf investigating it was interesting, though Worf is really all over the shop, from the opening savage Klingon to total confusion and panic over the 2 bridges. I liked the scene at the start which was a nice set up that had nothing to do with the episode and was good looking

Picard sitting in his quarters as he waits for the ship to explode is cool looking, but nothing really comes of the whole self destruct sequence and the creatures reasons for letting them go are vague and confusing.

It's watchable, but feels too much like filler at times.
Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 322/565

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