Monday, 20 October 2008

Star Trek: TNG 2.5 - Loud as a Whisper

Review 115 - Episode 111 (Jan 9th 1989)

The One with the Deaf Ginger Guy

(editors note: I've saved a bunch of drafts, but being a bit of a technophobe, don't know how to schedule them. So the remaining reviews of Season 2 won't reflect the day they're written. Nightmare, but there you go)

Bit preachy this one. Riva is a star mediator who happens to be deaf and speaks through a chorus of 3 interpreters. They get zapped and he has to find new ways of communicating his ideas.

The whole episode is based around the concept that deaf people are capable, able and passionate people, but it's rather unsubtle in it's execution and seems to be an agenda shoehorned into a Next Gen episode. All very worthy, but is makes for a rather dull episode.

The acting of the regulars is quite good , especially Troi and Picard, but it can't disguise the fact this is boring.
Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 329/580

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