Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Star Trek: TNG 2.16 - Q Who?

Review 125 - Episode 121 (May 8th 1989)

The One with the Borg!!!!

Yeah baby! Probably the best episode of the first 2 seasons, the Borg are here!

So many good things about this episode. I like the teaser with Gomez and spilling the tea on Picard. Q is excellent this episode, the first time he really becomes the Q we know. His scenes with Picard are always excellent, but these are some of the finest.

The Borg themselves are obviously brilliant, the best villain in Trek lore. Probably they were made too dangerous, as every time we see them after this, they get gradually downscaled in power, but still evil.

The Borg cube is very different to later episodes with an Alien feel to it. Especially creepy are the Borg babies, never seen again but a nice touch. Guinan is also good here, in her dealings with Q and the Borg.

The chase scene lets it down slightly, but only because I've watched it over and over, you spot daft things, like how ineffective the rear torpedo is. Then they do it again, with dramatic music, and it still does nothing!

We're really getting into a period where the writers and cast had settled down and could produce genuinely good shows that anyone could watch and enjoy, not just Trekkie's. This is one of the best.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 367/63

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