Saturday, 13 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.14 - Angel One

Review 98 - Episode 94 (Jan 25 1988)

The One where men and woman's roles are reversed

Mens nipples and hairy chests. When will TNG learn that watching men in tight PJ's and half naked will always ruin an episode, no matter how worthy the subject matter is. The A plot is about a planet where women rule and men are subservient. In comes Riker to show them what a real man is and seduce the leader in true Kirk fashion. It's a lot of nonsense, the role reversal idea taken to extremes and the outfits (while not as bad as Justice) mean you can't take it seriously. The Prime directive is raised again here and again they simply throw it out the window, though they're saved when a better solution presents itself.

The B plot has a virus onboard the Enterprise and mention of Romulans. Everyone is calling in sick and Geordi has to take the Captains chair in a nice scene (and nice dialogue between him and Worf). Bev and Picard have a nice scene as wel as she cares for him. Riker also comes good here, with his closing speech being worthy of Picard and this is the Riker we know and love. Troi and Tashsa have decent scenes and come across realistic when they laugh at Riker n his outfit.

Troi Cleveage Watch is back again. Too many to mention, but here's a bone for Troi fans:

So, pretty bad episode, but the B story and the themes just about scrape it through.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 279/495

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