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Star Trek: TNG 1.9 - The Battle

Review 93 - Episode 89 (Nov 16 1987)

The One with Picards old Ship
Quite good this episode, though it's another Patrick Stewart tour de force, leaving most of the crew in his wake (bar Spiner).
The Ferengi are back and brought Picard a gift - his old starship. What's the catch?
The effects on the Stargazer and the design of it are excellent and well done. The battle scarred bridge and the ghosts of the old crew are also well realised and kudos should go for making the scenes exciting, especially "The Picard Manoeuvre". I like that Picards got this named after him, as it gives his character more of a past and experience and that Jimmy Kirk "I don't like to lose" attitude.
Picards gradual descent from headaches into full on visions is excellently acted by Stewart. His scenes with Beverly are slightly embarrassing by how good he is and how wooden she is, but she picks up later in the episode and there's some of that old chemistry back.
The Ferengi are slightly toned down from this first appearance, which is good and daimon Boks plan is a bit over the top, but is just about believable.
Riker does a lot of wincing at the screen as he trys to work out what is going on, Worf, Tasha and Geordi are all relegated to button pressing and Wesley is at his worst here. He not only saves the day (well, gives Troi and Bev the answers) but is really smug and slightly creepy as he stares at them as they walk out followed by his "Adults" statement. I feel bad for him, he was never going to win with dialogue and scenes like this.
It's great to see Picards backstory as he's the most interesting of the TNG so far and if it wasn't for the rest of the cast being below par here or given more to do, it would score higher.
I unfortunately have to mention Troi Cleavage Watch, cos they're there again, distracting me. To Wit:

I'll get bored of this in a week, honest, but it makes me laugh at the moment. So, decent episode with a nice Picard backstory and effects, but the rest if the crew have nothing to do and their acting is suspect

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 266/470

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