Friday, 12 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.13 - Datalore

Review 97 - Episode 93 (Jan 18 1988)

The One with Data's Evil brother

Yet another TNG staple in Lore, Data's twin brother.

This is the Brent Spiner show as he successfully acts Lore as a completely different charcter. Finding out backstory on Data is also fascinating as is the concept of him having a double. The trouble is that this concept alone wasn't enough for the writers, so they introduced this Crystalline entity that sucks life out of everything. Lore is helping it and for some reason the entity talks to him. It's unnecessary, though it does look like quite cool.

Wesley once again saves the day by noticing Data is a bit odd (because Lore has knocked him out by this point), but the bridge crew are so aggressive towards him that it comes across as strange (and makes them look foolish as he is acting weird)

The final scenes of Data, Wes and Bev fighting Lore without anyone helping them is stupid as is the entity suddenly rocketing off when Lore is transported out into space (while the shields are up no less).

It's a shame, as there is an interesting idea here about Data's past and identity and some good scenes with Picard in particular. But the 2nd half is weak and Wesley saving the day again is beyond tiresome already.


Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 277/490

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