Monday, 15 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.16 - Too Short a Season

Review 100 - Episode 96 (Feb 8th 1988)

The One where the old boy gets younger.

I've just watched 3 episodes on the bounce and it's late and I've had a few wines, so this will be brief and to the point. 100 reviews eh? (technically as I write this there's still 16 odd TOS reviews to do, but in the future they'll be complete) Well done me!

However this is shite, the worst TNG I've seen so far. You know why? 2 reasons. No.1 - The whole episode is based on Admiral Jameson and his story of redemption. The main crew barely interact with him bar Picard. This falls into the school boy error episode of having everyone react around him instead of having the crew react to him. Reason no 2 - the actor is way over the top with his old age routine. What's with all the gurning and licking the lips? Even without the heavy makeup, it's still dire. Whats funny is as he gets younger (you're not getting a plot description this episode btw) his mullet gets bigger and his sweaty final scene is OTT.

The final 10 minutes of Karnas not believing the young man is Jameson goes on far too long- we know it's him, the Enterprise crew know it's fucking him, move on.

There's an interesting idea of breaking the prime directive and this almost being a borderline James T kirk having to face the seeds he's sown, but it's never developed and overall this episode is crap.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 284/505

Troi Cleavage watch:

I've included an interesting shot where I think the computer screen is deliberately placed so we listen to what Troi's saying. See if you can spot it:

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