Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.10 - Hide and Q

Review 94 - Episode 90 (Nov 23 1987)

The One where Riker becomes a Q

Q's back and the 1st half of the episode is bad low budget TOS alien planet set fare with the crew being forced to fight aliens dressed as french legionaries.

However the 2nd half is better when Riker gets the Q powers and starts to change, be more disrespectful and tries to grant wishes.

The scenes between Picard and Q are excellent, 2 fine actors trading verbal blows with each other. Picard comes of better as Q's character was still being developed, but they're much more enjoyable than I remember. His scenes with Riker fall flat slightly though.

Riker is given a chance to shine here and Frakes isn't bad, but he doesn't command a room like Picard or Data. His basic likability goes a long way, but he'll be better in later years. Tasha is still very annoying and prone to extreme emotions, though I did like Picard consoling her bubbling. Worf is quite action packed in this episode, but his scene with the Klingon woman was strange as he looked ashamed of Klingon mating rituals (good old Geordi pipes up when there's sex and shame involved) which is interesting as I didn't really know how domesticated he was. When you think about it, Troi and then Dax are his two love interests. Geordi has a decent scene with his sight back and Data refusing his is also good. Wesley becoming a man wearing that stupid jumper is embarrassing (note Geordi commenting on how good he looks - I think I see why he's afraid of women) and Beverly doesn't even get the option of a gift.

It's a good episode for the regulars (except Troi who's AWOL, presumably because she'd help Riker with his Godhood) and a good Trekkian concept of the consequences of having unlimited power and good deeds going bad. Whoever cast John de Lancie as Q deserves a medal as without him, the character could get old fast, but he makes him funny, powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. I also like Picards throw away comment to Riker at the end.

Not bad all in.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 269/475

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