Saturday, 27 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.20 - Heart of Glory

Review 104 - Episode 100 (Mar 21st 1988)

The One with the angry Klingon's

I make this the 100th hour of Trek produced, but since no other sites talk about it, I'll keep my head down as I could very well have my sums wrong.

This is the first Worf episode and expands on the Klingon culture already seen in the Movies. It's a very watchable episode and finally gives Worf a chance to shine and not just be dead pan one liner guy. There would be MANY episodes after this dealing with Klingon rituals and Worf's place in their society, but this plants the seeds. It quite a simple premise. 3 Klingons don't agree with the peace process and want to rip it up and be pirates again. They try to enlist Worf's help.

Worfs interactions with the Klingon's is fascinating to watch as is the crews reactions, more akin to Kirks day than present day. Also of interest was Geordi's Visor on the view screen. Now, this was a bit of a let down and the visuals don't live up to it, looking like a poorly tuned in TV. But Picards reaction to it is brilliant and makes the scene worthwhile, even if Geordi is simply explaining how it works. Of course, It's never seen again. But nice idea.

Anyway, nice Worf episode and really establishes him as a decent character.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 296/525

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