Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.6 - Where No One Has Gone Before

Review 90 - Episode 86

The One where they go very far away

Ach, I thought this was going to be the first 4 rating of the Series, but the 2nd half really lets it down.

Kosinski and his assistant arrive to upgrade the Enterprises Warp engines. However they end up propelling the ship over 2 million years away.

The good stuff: The idea is brilliant and I really like the effects in this episode. Kosinski is a really sleazy irritating pompous character and is brilliantly played. It's when the Enterprise tries to get back and goes to a dimension where thoughts become real that it falls a bit flat as we see fantasy's and thoughts become real. Funniest moment in the episode; Worf's old pet Targ appears on the Bridge. Why he's thinking of it we don't know and even funnier why does no one else on the bridge bar Tasha see it? There's a guy just sitting typing away while a slavering blood beast is next to him. To be fair, some of the visions are seen, some aren't, but it made me laugh.

Picard is quite gruff in this episode, especially to Wesley. In fact, Riker comes across as not liking the wee brat either! Wes is okay, though he does kind of save the ship (again by helping the Traveler phase, something which will be readdressed in Season 7. What's with the jumpers though?

Tasha has a flashback to her days getting chased by rape-gangs (quite dark for early TNG), and the rest of the crew are largely ignored, though Picard has a nice scene with his Mama. Wes being promoted to acting ensign is a nice touch of continuity, but really I was expecting more from this episode.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 259/455

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