Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Star Trek: TNG 1.4 - Code of Honor

Review 88 - Episode 84

The One where Tasha fights in a cage.

Not one of the best this, but certainly watchable enough.

The Enterprise requires a vaccine that cannot be replicated from Ligon and their leader Lutan. The catch is that Lutan has kidnapped Tasha as his wife and forced her to combat his current wife to the death or no Vaccine.

The culture of the planet has been described as slightly racist and it makes for uncomfortable viewing sometimes when you see Data describing this ancient African Indian culture of the planet and it's barbaric ways and everyone is black. There wasn't even an attempt to make them alien looking.

The dialogue is ropey as well within the regulars. Beverly's exchange with Picard about needing the vaccine was corny and Troi tricking Tasha into admitting she fancies Lutan (why exactly?) comes across like bad soap opera, though that is partially Crosbys acting.

Picard is decent here, trying to work his way round the prime directive, but his drink with Lutan and his supposedly sly trick was a bit cringy the way it was played. I did like the continuity with Wesley, who isn't that annoying here but has strange woolly jumpers.

Tasha is a bit OTT with examining the vaccine and beyond being a fighter, there's not much depth to her character here. Also Worf is missing, and once again, I feel these two wouldn't work together on screen.

Geordi and Data have a nice scene when he's shaving and Data's telling jokes. Troi is really cold in this episode, obviously as the character is still finding her feet.

Dodgy effects, script and story means that only the good will generated by the regulars pull this trough.

Overall Star Trek Franchise Rating so far: 254/445

  • Review of the episode by actor Wil Wheaton — Code of Honor
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